Heartless Thieves

Heartless thieves have stolen a Haslingden sculpture created by children from a special school. The 7ft statue known as “The Workers” was created by pupils at Tor View Community Special School in Haslingden, North West England. The three “match stick” people were made from tubular steel pieces leading many to believe the figures could be on there way to a scrap metal yard. This is the second time the sculpture has been targeted by thieves since it was erected 2006.

UPDATE :  Well it seems our heartless thieves aren’t heartless at all. The stolen sculpture has not only been returned by the guilty thieves but they left a fifty pound note attached to a letter. The letter read : “We’re sorry. We didn’t know the children made this and we are very sorry for stealing drunken. I hope the attached £50 will cover the cost to re-weld him on. Don’t worry we’ve looked after him.”

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